My name is Björn Selin, an illustrator residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. I work in a range of techniques and mediums; from illustration to animation and sculpture. I mainly draw my inspiration from popular science and history. This has led me to be involved with education, and bridging the gaps between the communicator and recipient through visual and tactile means.

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  • Design bachelor program, University of Gothenburg 2014-2017
  • Concept art, University of Gotland 2014
  • Artistic basic year, KV school of art 2013-2014
  • Graphic design, Tokyo Zokei University (exhange studies) 2016

Other works:

  • Megalodon creations, 2015 | Sculptor
  • Naturvetenskap Sverige 2017 | Graphic design
  • Shonen Jump, Tokyo 2016 | 火星帝国の風 (one shot manga)
  • JFTW Game development, 2017| Game artist/ Art Director