I've been working with game art since 2017 and been Art directing games since 2019. Following here are some of the assets that I've made for JFTW Game Development, which involves layout, characters, objects, logotypes and much more.

In this game I developed the concepts and final rendering of the characters and symbols - They are the royal family of a baroque-styled castle in a Versailles-like setting

Tiki Vikings is about the three viking friends who have just been on a trip in Polynesia. When returning to the wintery north, their Tiki Party doesn't meet expectations as everything just freezes over. 

In this game I worked with design and rendering of the characters, as well as the rendering of the backgrounds

In Shogun of Time, the protagonist Tomiko travels back in time to retrieve her family heirloom. 

In this Game I made the concept and rendering of the characters and design, and rendering of the symbols.